Audio Post Production

2013 "The Second wave" Folke Ryden Produktion

2013 "Drömmen om Maremma" Mantaray Film

2012 Sound Design Re-recording "The man behind the Thrones"

2012 Sound Design , Rerecording Johan Falk "Kodnamn Lisa"

2012 Sound editing Episode 7 Johan Falk

2012 sounddesign and rerecording of "Yes" Röde Orm Film

2012 Foley, M&E mix "Searching for Sugarman" Chimney Pot

2012 additional sound editing "En Plats i Solen" Liza Marklund

2012 sounddesign and rerecording of "Där mitt hjärta brinner" by "Khazar Fatemi"

2012 sounddesign and rerecording of "Mozart" Flockproductions

2012 sounddesign and rerecording of "Palestinas Starke Man" Peter Löfgren Television AB

2012 sounddesign and rerecording of corperate movie LKAB

2011 sounddesign and rerecording of "Atena" and "Good Year" cooperate movies för Minnesota

2011 Sounddesign and rerecodring of "Dirty Waters" and Science for Life" FRP

2011 rerecording and sounddesign av many episodes of SVT "Kobra"

2011 Effects "Irene Huss" Feature action

2011 Sounddesign and re-recording "Gerilla Sonen" Feature documentary by Filmfront

2011 Sounddesign and re-recording "Han tror han vet bäst" Feature documentary by Mantaray Film

2011 Sounddesign and re-recording "Comeback" Feature documentary by Mantaray Film

Sound design and re-recording "Sluten Avdelning" documentary Maud Nycander about patients at a mental hospital

Sound design and re-recording of "Blood Calls" documentary by Mantaray Film both cinema version and television version

2010 partly sound editing of Stefan Jarls documentary "Underkastelsen"

2009-2010 Sound design and re-recording "Steam of Life " finnish cinema documentary abour the sauna culture and peoples destinies

Sound design and re-recording "Baltic Sea" documentary by Folke Ryden

2009 Sound design and re-recording "Inta Ruka" documentary abour Latvian female photographer

Sound design and re-recording of "Space Trainees" finnish TV show for YLE

2009 Sound design and re-recording of a feature movie based on Ingmar Bergman´s private 9,5mm filmings

2009 Location recording for several commercial projects by Producenterna

2009 Dialoge editing Swedish featre movie "Prinsessa"

2009 Sound design and re-recording of Cooperate movie for Ericsson

2009 Dialoge editing Swedish featre movie "Flickan"

2009 Dialoge editing "Kielletty hedelmä" Finnish feature movie

2008 Sound design English documentary "Curacao"

2008 Sound mix and design of "Doctor Glas"

2008 Sound design of a finnish filmed acting theatre performance

2008 Sound design and re-recording of Documentary "Milos Forman"

2008 Dialoge editing Finnish fetare movie "Forbidden Fruit"

2008 Location recording with 18 channels of radio mics of the acting theatre grooup "Orovias" in Vasa Finland

2008 Sounddesign and mix fiction production "Sture & Kerstin" by Tova Magnusson Norling

2008 a longer commission for Dramatic Institute as a consult - project manager pushing a new software forward for the tenchincal department

2008 several commercial projects, sounddesign and location recording for a few of them are. Sandvik, SSAB and OMX

2008 A new short documentary project have started.

2008 Sounddesign documentary "Emma" by Nahid Persson

2008 Sound design documentary "Stumpen" by Robert Lillhonga

2007 Nominated for best sound design of "Bunny Chow" at SAFTA 2007, Johannesburg

2007 Sound Editing TV Serie "Labyrint"

2007 Corporate movie for SKF.
A big project in 5.1 that started almost a year ago.

2007 Sound Editing "Downloading Nancy" American Feature movie

2007 Sound Editing Tv Serie "Irene Huss"

2007 Sound Designer " Eddy & Mischa"

2006-2007 Sound Supervisor - Re-recoding engineer- dialogue editor "Hata göteborg" The big success in Göteborgs Filmfestival

2006 Sound Supervisor - Re-recoding engineer "Bunny Chow"
South African feature movie with international premier on Toronto Film festival

2006 re-recording engineer and voice recording of "Sigrid & Issac"

2006 Sound editing Score South African - Swedish production

2006 Sound editing Offside feature movie about soccer

2006 Sound editing "På Liv och Död" 3 hour long psychological thriller

2006 Sound editing "Fotografen"

2005-2006 Sound editing and Re-recording engineer of the second edition of
Ludmilla & Antonolij

2005 Sound editing "Mastermind"

2005 Sound editing and Re-recording engineer of"Nina´s Resa" Awarded as
best movie and script in Sweden´s most influential and largest award "Guldbaggen"

2005 Dialogue editing "Fallet G" and "Munsters Fall"

2004 audio post for a number of TV documentaries for SVT

2004 Complete sound design and sound mix of 8 episodes of a Television Drama "Medicinmannen" for Jarowskii Film and TV

2004 Additional sound editing for the television version of " 4 nyanser av brunt" for Posthuset

2004 Complete sound design and Cinema mix of the well known production "Compadre

2003 Freelancing sound designer and location engineer for a numbers of commercial production companies as Framestore, Quincy, Mekano, Pang Studios.

2003 Freelancing at SVT as sound designer and mixing engineer.

2001 Sound design and mixing of Stina Gardell´s Tv documentary "Se mig"

2001 Sound design and mixing of Tove Torbiörnsson´s TV documentary of closed obstetrics in the north part of Sweden "Det var en gång ett BB"

2001 Designing Kirsi Nevanti and Anders Wahlbergs film for the Nobel Exhibition

2000 Sound Editing and Audio Consultation of the Cannes Special Prize "Songs from Second Floor" by Roy Andersson

1999 Sound mix of "Che" for Atmo Television

1999 Sound design and mixing of several TV commercials for Termos Television about Enator

1999 Sound Design and Mix of the several Prize Awarded "Lost Boy" by Tove Torbiörnsson

1998 Sound mixing of Mikael Wiströms TV documentary "America" which became broadcasted in many Countries including the land of the title.

1998 Audio Editor of sound effects for Swedish Television production"Kreuger", the last production written and directed by Lars Molin

1997 to 2002 Freelancing mixing engineer on UR mixing hundreds of TV and Radio shows

1997 Sound design and Mix of Coca Cola commercial for DrakFilm

1997 Dialogue editing of Emmy Awarded, Swedish Television production "The Tattooed Widow", Directed and Written by Lars Molin

1997 Dialogue and sound editing for "Svenska Hjältar" directed and written by Daniel Bergman

1997 sound design of the almost 30 minute long commercial for Skanska , produced by Förberg film directed by Liv Ullman

1996 Foley recording ,foley editing, music mix for "Juloratoriet" directed by Kjell åke Andersson

1996 Dialogue editing and co-mixing of Ingmar Bergman´s "Private Confessions" directed by Liv Ullman, produced by Swedish Television

1995 Foley and dub mixing of "Kristin Lavransdatter" directed by Liv Ullman, probably Norway´s most expensive film project ever.


Production - TV Documentaries

2000-2002 Co production with Swedish Television, a TV documentary "Marlene's 6 Faces" about a woman with multiple personalities . Main photography, editing, music and sound design by , Christian Christensen

2004 a short documentary about a fish transport company in Canada

2008 a short documentary abour a group of people voluntarirly restoring the only public theatre organ in Scandinavia


Audio Work at Acting Theatre´s

1990 to 1993 Sound engineer at Municipal theatre of Borås designing public sound from everything from acting to musicals with wireless systems and concerts

1990 Live tour with Fria Teatern "Bamse" and audio work for "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

1994 Live engineer for Riksteatern biggest tour ever "Summer Tent"

1990-1995 misc freelancing on many of Stockholm´s theatre stages as a sound designer.


Location recording

1995 Sound engineer at Sweden´s first reality show "Real World Stockholm"

1999 Sound recording of "Besvärliga Människor" a TV documentary of Suzanne Osten

1994-2004 Location recording for a number
of production companies, SVT, Drakfilm, Petterson & Åkerlund, Quincy, Meter Film & Television, UR,


Studio Design

1996 Coordination and Co-design of the entire THX Certified Mixing Room MIX AB of Stockholm

2001 Executive Sound Consultant of the building of the film theater rooms of the Nobel Exhibition



2009 second camera for Producenterna

2008 location camera for Producenterna

2000-2002 "Marlene's 6 Faces" s,Main photography.

2003 Studio camera for ABC Newsfeed



2001 Freelancing teacher at DI in 5.1 mixing

2002-2003 Stockholm Film skola

2002-2003 misc teaching at Dramatiska institutet



1984-1988 electronically and computer education at Sven Eriksson School

1989-1990 Swedish Army

1993-1995 Education in Film and TV sound at D.I. the leading Swedish University, known worldwide